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Wimbledon Tickets

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Allocation of Wimbledon Tickets

The allocation of Wimbledon tickets is now dependant on British Tennis Membership (BTM). Your club committee urge to join.

BTM is free and the club will automatically make your application for you as part of the Club Membership Application, unless you specifically opt out.

The allocation of Wimbledon tickets is based on the number of our club members who have signed up to British Tennis Membership at the time of ticket allocation.

Any such tickets allocated are only available to those with British Tennis Membership. It is club policy that such tickets will only be allocated to those who signed up to British Tennis Membership, as those are the people who contributed to the ticket allocation.

The allocation is for a pair of tickets, which can only be used by the named person and their guest. If anyone else attempts to use the tickets, then they could be excluded from entry and also jeopardise the club’s future allocation of tickets from the LTA.

You cannot share your Wimbledon Tickets, but you could share the Wimbledon Experience.  Take a camera (but careful with the flash), capture a few special or interesting moments. Write down your memories of the day and send them all to Phil R, the webmaster2@goring-tennis.co.uk, who will eventually publish an exciting and interesting account of your day out.

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