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This page is for those of you who may have technical difficulties with the web site.

Please ignore this page unless you need, or are interested in, this kind of information. Several viewers have asked about specific issues related to viewing or printing the website pages or their content, and so some explanation is given below.


The site is optimised for viewing with Internet Explorer 4.0 and later versions at a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels on a 15” screen, but should still work adequately with other browsers and at other resolutions and screen sizes.

The explanations given below are for Explorer 6.0.

If you have recently viewed the site and you return to view the latest information, then remember to refresh the page(s). Click the icon with the two green arrows (to the left of the little house icon).


Pictures and Photographs

Apologies to viewers who are on narrowband as some pages, especially those with photographs, may take some time to download. Where possible, a choice between medium and high resolution is offered. The high resolution photographs are up to 1280 by 960 pixels, whilst the medium resolution are up to 640 by 480 pixels.

To help speed up the downloading problem, most pictures and photographs are initially displayed as small thumbnails, which if clicked on will expand to a separate full page with a larger resolution picture. To return to the main web page, click on the green Back button.

Browser back02

In some cases, links to high resolution pictures are provided and these may exceed the size of any smaller screens, in which case you may have to scroll the page to see all parts of the picture.

Pop-up Pages

If you are accessing an external website or a separate PDF file from this website, then this will come up as a separate “Pop-up” window. This window is is at a reduced size, as shown below for the example of accessing the LTA website.

If you wish to view the website as a full page, then click the top middle button (little square) to invoke a full page. If you do not wish to see this page in full, then click the top right button (little cross) to cancel the page.
LTA example


Should you wish to print a page from this site you will need to do so in landscape orientation, rather than portrait. From the File pull down menu, select Page Setup, then click the Landscape button at the bottom left of the dialogue box. You can then check if this is correct by selecting Print Preview before selecting Print.

File menu

Saving Photos

You may save photographs from this site, as long as you only use them your own personal use and do not republish them elsewhere.

For permission to use material from this site please contact

To save a photograph, select the photograph at the resolution required, right click on it and then select “Save Image As”.

Save photo

Adobe Acrobat

Some information, such as the application forms and previous newsletters can be down loaded from this site as PDF files. You can then print the files if you wish.

If you are having difficulties in doing this, it may be because you have the wrong version of the Adobe Acrobat software for your computer. If so, go to the address below.

Then select the appropriate version corresponding to your computer.

Adobe All Versions02

Other Problems

If you encounter any other technical problems in accessing this site,  then please inform the webmaster, who will try and publish a solution.


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