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What should you do as a team player?

Team Members’ Responsibilities:

  • Respond to the captain’s e-mails and/or telephone calls as soon as possible
  • Once you have given a positive availability and been selected to play, it should only be in the most serious of circumstances that you subsequently have to pull out. A commitment to play is exactly that and late withdrawal lets your team down and may have a knock on affect into other teams
  • The meeting time advised to you by your captain is important:
    • For home matches arrive well in advance of the scheduled match start time so that you can assist your captain in preparing for the match (nets, catering etc.) and then warm up properly
    • For away matches the ‘meeting’ time (usually at the club) should be considered as the time for departure, not the time to arrive
  • The match fee is 2-50. Make sure you have it with you (Exact money rather than a 20 note!)
  • Selection for a match should take preference over other tennis e.g. Winter Monday night sessions or coaching session
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