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Court Usage

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We have five courts which are in regular use by the club. With our current membership and the ensuing tournament and coaching commitments we are close to full capacity.

Court 5 is available for public use when not being used for club purposes.

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At times when the courts are not being used for specific club purposes, members may book specific times on specific courts. A chart is available in the clubhouse to make such bookings. The chart in the clubhouse is the definitive version for court bookings.


Your committee acknowledge that it can be difficult to balance members’  interests in playing matches, in coaching, and in accessing courts as individuals. Some clashes do occur especially on Saturday afternoons in summer.

Out of 38 available Saturday afternoons (1:00pm to circa 4:30pm) from January 2009 to the end of September 2009 all five courts were booked on just 7 of these – that is just under 20% and your committee feels this is a reasonable proportion. Pressure on courts is also possible during Monday and Wednesday evenings in summer when Newbury league matches are in full swing.

 All match and coach bookings for the year, and individual bookings as these are made, can be seen on the year planner in the clubhouse. While relatively few members have keys to get in to the clubhouse, a little forward planning on the part of individuals can manage this.

In ‘tennis weather’ the clubhouse is open during club mix-in sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday morning, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The clubhouse is also open during matches and during coaching sessions. The planner can be accessed during these times for studying what is booked, and for making individual bookings.

On those few Saturday afternoons when matches and coaching do coincide to occupy all five courts, coaching will finish at 4.30pm and matches soon afterwards. Bookings can be made from 4.30pm onwards.

Want to know whether you can still play, then look at the latest Weather.

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